Electric bikes are becoming more and more popular in the world today. They offer the convenience of riding fast without getting tired.

However, there are so many ebikes today that choosing the right one can seem a bit overwhelming. Unless you are an expert, you may end up choosing something that will not meet your needs in the end.

Don’t worry though, we are here to help you make a good decision. Most electric bikes are designed for a specific purpose. So, when you aim to travel over long distances to explore different areas, you need to choose the perfect electric bike for it.

Find an ebike that gives you the best range, and enough power to push you forward. Magicycle is among the companies that has been making the best products for riders.

Read this guide to know more.

How to Choose the Right Electric Bike for Long Distance

One of the biggest benefits of riding ebikes is their convenience for the specific conditions they are created for. Long distance electric bikes come with the best features for bikers who want to go far without feeling back pain, or the fatigue that comes with it.

Here are the factors to consider when looking for such a bike:


Nothing is more important in a long-distance ride than comfort. You will be sitting on the bike for a long time, pedaling, sometimes over bumps, portholes, and perhaps rough roads. Or perhaps you want to explore some parts of a mountain you have never been to before.

Many bikes have come out complaining of back pain and general body aches. It is mainly because they did not choose the right ebikes for the journey.

So, how do you choose the most comfortable ride? Look at the following features:

The suspension system

A suspension system, commonly known as a shock absorber neutralizes most shocks and vibrations on the road before they reach the bike’s frame and the rider. If you are riding on a rough road, you won’t feel the roughness of the road as much as you would with a bike without suspension.

In this case, there are two main options: front suspension and full suspension.

  • Front suspension ebike. Also called a hardtail electric bike, it comes with a suspension system only on the front fork. That means it’s just one unit with a rigid frame and the suspension only comes from the front. Even though they are lighter and faster, front-suspension e-bikes are not the best choice for long-distance riding because the absorption is often insufficient from the rear.
  • Full suspension electric bike. Also, dual suspension, these ebikes have an extra suspension on the rear part. They have a flexible frame divided into two parts; the main frame and the swingarm. These are the most comfortable e-bikes for long-distance riding. You ride for as far as you want without feeling tired or in back pain since the duo shock absorbers handle all the vibrations and shocks on the road.

The Tires

Tires also play a huge role when it comes to the comfort of an ebike for long-distance riding. It is best to go for fat tires as they offer more cushioning than regular tires.

Whether dual suspension or front suspension, a fat bike has the same effect on the rider over long distances. They offer more traction, which increases speed and comfort on the road.

The Motor

Another crucial feature to keep in mind when choosing a long-distance ebike is the motor. This is the power tool that gives you the leg-power boost, pushing you forward. So, the bigger the motor, the more power you get.

A good motor for the long distance should be at least 750W. This gives you a torque of between 86Nm and 96Nm, which is powerful enough to push you forward faster. Although lower-power motors could still get the job done, you should be more comfortable with more power.

The Battery

If there is anything you be very careful with when choosing a long range ebike, it is the battery. It determines how far you will ride on a single charge. Therefore, consider a strong battery with the highest capacity.

The battery determines the bike’s range. And in this case, the best bikes can give you more than 80 miles on a single charge. That should be enough to take you up to the mountain top and back.

Also, remember to always charge your battery fully after and before every ride. The last thing you want is to run out of juice when you are just halfway along your journey.  

Luckily, most manufacturers indicate the battery capacity among the features of their products. This should make it easy to know which one will travel far, and which is right for just cruising the city streets.

The Best Long Distance Electric Bike for Sale

Here are some ebikes that will not disappoint you when it comes to long-distance riding:

Magicycle Deer E-SUV

Magicycle launched the first Ebike SUV, offering the best features in the world of ebikes. This full suspension electric bike is the best on the market so far, an equivalent of sports cars in the motor industry. They are extremely versatile, comfortable, and efficient, even under maximum load.

Magicycle Cruiser Pro

As stated above, fat tire ebikes offer incredible cushioning against road bumps. An excellent example is this hardtail ebike from Magicycle, the Cruiser Pro. It comes with a front suspension system, an adjustable seat, fat tires, a 750W motor, and a 1040Wh battery. All these are features of the best long-distance e-bike.

Magicycle Ocelot Pro

If the prices of the ebikes above are too much, consider this budget-friendly alternative. The Ocelot Pro is one of the most affordable ebikes out there, and yet carries great strength and features for long-distance riders. You can always count on Magicycle to meet your specific riding needs.


Magicycle is a relatively new player on the ebikes market, but it has grown rapidly into a reputable brand, thanks to the quality of its products. It is the best place to find a perfect solution for your long-distance riding needs. Invest in any of the e-bikes above and you will never regret it.