Electric bikes are becoming more popular over time. They are much easy to ride and more attractive, and are a great way to commute and exercise when needed. So what are your goals when considering buying an electric bike? Are you looking for a regular commute from point A to B with some exercise? Or do you love mountaineering and want an exact  answer?

Worry not, as we have this guide planned out for how to buy the best electric bike for sale for 2023.

What to Look for When Buying an Electric Bike?

The first step is to know what you should look for after deciding what bike to buy. So let’s answer a few quick questions.

How is an Electric Bike Powered?

There are three modes of electric bikes, which are:

  • Manual pedaling
  • Pedal assist
  • Throttle assist

So, if you want to run on battery without you pedaling, throttle assist is for you because, for the other modes, you may need to pedal a little.

Who Makes the Battery – Battery Sources?

If you buy from a reputable source, your battery will have longer battery life as each battery from them is tested professionally and will use genuine quality cells to power it.

What Capacity and Voltage Should I Go For?

So if you choose a regular commuter ebike, 48 volts battery is more than sufficient. If you are commuting in a hilly area or mountaineering on the side, we recommend a 52 volts battery for enough power to push you up.

If you are considering what battery capacity you need, look for amp hours on the specs page of the most electric bike for sale. Generally, a 10 to 20 Ah is good. Though if you go for 15+ Ah, you get more range.

How Much Weight-Supported Ebikes Should I Go For?

Most ebikes are built in a similar capacity, whether an commuter ebike or a mountain ebike, so they can easily support about 300 lbs. Most e-bike manufacturers post their weight limit as much lower than their actual capacity. So most common supported weights are around 350 lbs. A simple thumb of rule is that the heavier you are, the more wear and tear a bike will experience.

Best Electric Bikes in 2023

With minor changes and differences, the industry has been overwhelmed with brands. However, nothing can beat the performance of Magicycle. These are one-of-a-kind in terms of design, quality, and durability. They have the best inventory of electric mountain bikes that you can consider buying for extra power and range.

Here are some best types of electric bikes you can check out at Magicyale:

Magicycle Cruiser Pro

This fat tire electric bike is something you can never resist riding. It is designed with innovative specifications, an appealing appearance, and advanced components that come together to make it the best option in the electric mountain bike industry.

Where its fat tires help in ultimate balance, the addition of hydraulic disc brekes helps you smoothly stop the bike when required. In simple words, Magicycle Cruiser Pro is equipped with everything you can expect from an advanced hardtail ebike.

What makes it stand above is its unique and attractive shape as well as its advanced and effective components. For example, apart from amazing appearance, this electric bike also equipped with a powerful motor and large capacity battery to provide plenty of power.

Magicycle Deer

It is one of the best electric mountain bikes you can come across. Magicycle DEER is inspired by SUVs. So, it has the integration of 3 e-bike modes. It includes a step-thru commuter ebike, a trekking bike, and above all, a full suspension electric mountain bike.

The full suspension ebike options bring in lots of admirable features such as comfort, convenience, firmness, full suspension system, and massive carrying capacity.

When it comes to the best electric MTB, DEER is an excellent option as it is E-SUV with strong battery power to take you smoothly on all terrains. It is in a leading position due to utter comfort, power, and handling as well as power. Charge it once and keep going for more than 80 miles. Whenever you want to stop, the hydraulic disc brakes are always ready to stop smoothly while ensuring balance.

Rugged off-road terrain demands a rugged e-bike which you get in the form of Magicycle DEER. The maximum shock absorption system makes it a real electric mountain bike to tackle off-road conditions.

Magicycle Ocelot Pro

Are you looking you an electric bike for people of all heights? Magicycle has some great options in the form of Magicycle Ocelot Pro. It is ideal for people having a height of 4’10” to around 6’2”. It is a minimally designed electric mountain bike with powerful batter to cover long distances.

Do not be skeptical due to its small size, it can run 80 miles at the speed of 28 mph with throttle assist and pedal assist. If you are going on a family picnic in the mountains, it will carry all gear to the top as the ocelot pro has 350 lbs. weight capacity.

With a powerful battery, you can easily continuously run 80 miles. Whether you are going at high speed or light, the hydraulic disc brakes will ensure a sudden and smooth stop on all terrains. Get on the Magicycle Ocelot Pro and have a fun trip around the mountains with your friends this weekend.

In the End

Electric bikes are a great hybrid commute that can get you to your destination without hassle or physical activity. Still, if you want to ride like a regular bike, any electric bike for sale in this article comes with pedal assist. So you have the ease of traveling and keeping fit when needed. Now you don’t have to think about buying a car and reducing your carbon footprint as you can easily travel on these e-bikes. We have included electric mountain bikes in the list if you are an enthusiast.