The global bike market has been expanding over the last couple of years, and full suspension ebike is among the most purchased bikes, as their sales have been surging day by day. And to be honest, this is for a good reason!

You see full suspension ebikes are pretty impressive! Everything from their design to what their offer, you will most certainly want to buy, especially if you love going off-road for your adventures. In this article, we will tell you how you stand to benefit when you get the full suspension system for your electric bike. So, keep reading to learn more.

What do we mean by full suspension on an electric bike?

A full suspension ebike typically consists of both a front suspension fork and a rear shock absorber. The front fork is mounted at the head tube of the frame, and it essentially helps in absorbing all the impacts from a rough surface. The fork is made up of lightweight aluminium or carbon fiber, and it also features adjustable settings, which include rebound and compression damping to enable customization depending on the rider’s weight and riding style.

Regarding the rear shock absorber, it is mounted at the rear triangle of the frame, and it basically works to absorb the impacts from the rough trail, thereby making the overall ride as comfortable as possible. Basically, the shock absorbers function by absorbing and dissipating the kinetic energy created from the impacts from the rough terrain.

The rear shocks are also adjustable, where the rider is able to choose from various settings so as to customize the ride to their preference. Also, other than the suspension components, the electric bike also comes with a frame that’s designed to accommodate the suspension system, which may include pivot points and linkages, thereby allowing the frame to move in a way that absorbs trail vibrations.

Now, all these components work together to provide a much more comfortable ride, even on rough terrain. On the flip side, though, all these components do add weight and complexity to the bike, which may, in turn, hamper the speed a little bit.

Why do you need to have full suspension on your e-bike?

 There is a reason why a full suspension setup has become so popular among off-road riders. In fact, there are a couple of reasons, which are as follows;

  • Comfort – for starters, a full suspension setup on your e-bike maximizes comfortability, especially when riding on rough terrain. You see, when you go bike riding on rough trails, there are a lot of shocks and vibrations transferred from the rough surface to the rider, and it can make the riding experience such a terrible experience and can even result in injuries. However, with a full suspension setup, all these impacts from the trail will be absorbed, which will, in turn, reduce the rider’s fatigue, thereby providing a much smoother and a more comfortable ride.
  • Improved handling – one thing about rough trails is that, due to the numerous bumps and obstacles, handling a bike can be really challenging. And in many cases, it leads to damage to the bike or even accidents. But with a full suspension system, the tires are able to get a firm grip on the ground, which is very crucial in ensuring the rider is able to handle the bike better. It also reduces the impact of bumps and obstacles. All these ensure that the bike is more stable and the rider gets a controlled ride, even when at high speeds.
  • Off-road capability – as a rider, of course, there are times you want to go off-road, and when you do, you can’t take just about any bike! You will need one that can tackle the challenging trails comfortably. This is why a full suspension setup is of utmost importance and a must-have. The suspension system will help you navigate through rough trails, rocks, and numerous other obstacles with greater ease and stability.
  • Enhanced performance – as a rider, you want better performance from your electric mountain bike, especially if you love going off-road. So, a full suspension system basically enhances the performance of the bike by giving more stability, comfort, efficiency, and better handling when on rough terrain. It helps you maintain better traction and control, thereby allowing you to ride faster for longer periods.

Making the decision

With the above said, when deciding on whether to get a full suspension setup for your e-bike, there are a couple of other things you need to consider. For starters, you need to figure out what your real intentions with the bike really are.

You see, if you are planning to use your electric bike only on your daily commute on relatively smooth surfaces, maybe you won’t need the full suspension system as badly as a rider who intends to go off-road heavily. The full suspension setup is a must-have if you are an off-roader, as it necessary to absorb all the vibrations and shock from the rough trails – which can be intense, by the way.

But if you are planning to use the bike on smooth surfaces, having a full suspension system might detract from the overall efficiency of the bike. This is because, the suspension system adds weight and complexity to the bike, which can reduce range and efficiency.

Bottom line

The decision on whether you need a full suspension system on your ebike largely depends on your needs and preferences. But after considering the benefits of riding an ebike with suspension system, it is completely worth it, especially if there are times you would want to go on adventures off-road. So, before making the decision, know your needs first!

And when you get the full suspension setup, be ready to have it regularly maintained to ensure that it serves for a long. With regular maintenance, the frame and all the components are protected and hence prolong their useful life. You can get your bike today and enjoy everything it has to offer.