The popularity of electric mountain bikes is soaring nowadays, and they are becoming as popular as a regular mountain bike. Electric mountain bikes have a lot of benefits and enable you to cover longer commutes effortlessly than regular mountain bikes.

When talking about electric mountain bikes, the very first thing that comes to mind is their expensiveness. Therefore, there are different things that you should consider before splashing your money and getting them wasted.

Wondering what things you should consider to buy a good mountain ebike? Let’s get into the article and have a look at them.

Things to Consider When Buying a Good Electric Mountain Bike

Spending money on electric MTB can be a big decision, since they can be heavy on the pockets. However, it becomes essential that you do your proper research and look for the electric mountain bikes that are budget-friendly, have high quality material, and fulfill all of your requirements. So, let’s have a look at the things that you should consider when buying a good electric mountain bike.


The first and the most important thing when getting yourself an electric MTB is the classes or the groups of electric mountain bikes. The size, power, and speed of the bikes help you figure out which class is perfect and suits your requirements.

Class 1 Electric Mountain Bike

Class 1 electric mountain bikes are just like your normal bikes with a battery attached. It is good for simple mountain rides where you don’t need high powered electric bikes. The maximum limit of the Class 1 electric bikes is 20 mph and it can have the power of 750 watts.

Class 2 Electric Mountain Bike

In Class 2 electric mountain bikes, throttle bikes are allowed. However, the limit for the power is 750 watts, and the speed limit is about 20 mph. The rules of Class 2 electric MTB are the same as Class 1.

Class 3 Electric Mountain Bike

The main characteristic of Class 3 electric MTB is that you can take speed up to 28 mph, but the power is still limited to 750 watts. This means that the Class 3 electric MTBs is best bet for those looking for swift mountain bikes.

Class 4 Electric MTB

The Class 4 mountain ebike breaks the limits and affirm another level adventurous riding. Its power can go beyond 750 watts, and speed can be increased to more than 28 mph. These bikes are not permitted on the streets and roads; therefore, they are only used for off-road purposes.

The Motor of the Electric Mountain Bikes

The next thing you need to check before getting yourself a good e mountain bike is the motor of the battery. The battery plays a vital role in figuring out how long route you can take your bike on. The bigger the battery, the long ride you can take on the mountains.

E mountain bikes come with two types of batteries, i.e., the internal battery, and the external battery. The external batteries can be quickly removed for charging correctly, whereas the internal batteries give a neat look to your frame. Therefore, the selection depends on your preference and needs.

Weight of the E Mountain Bikes

Weight is also an important thing to consider when getting an e mountain bike. The electric motorbike is relatively heavier than the regular bikes. As, bike’s weight can significantly impact the way you ride it, you should ensure to check the weight and going for a test drive to know whether you can ride the bike comfortably. The weight can also cause problem when lifting the bike during the mountain ride and when putting your bike in and out of a van.

Extra Features

Several extra features can amp up your e mountain bikes. One of them is suspension. You can make your bike a full suspension electric mountain bike, or use it without a rear suspension.

If you plan to go for a steep and downhill mountain ride, then a full suspension electric mountain bike is a better option. The extra weight will be good because the full suspension will help you ride your bike more smoothly. Besides this, you can add different kinds of tires to your bikes and make them look more fun. The tires of these bikes can vary according to your use. If you are going on a mountain that is rocky then you might need fat tires.

Hence, these are some of the key things you should consider before getting an e mountain bike. However, the electric mountain bike selection also depends on the price range. These mountain bikes can be heavy on your pocket, and adding the features and other things can add up to a considerable amount. Therefore, the selection of a good mountain ebike chiefly depends on your budget.

Finding the Right Manufacturer for Best Electric Mountain Bikes

We all know the struggle of finding the right place to get electric mountain bikes because no one wants to invest their money in a brand they do not know. If you are on the hunt for a good electric mountain bike, then Magicycle is the best place for you. Magicylce is the place where you can find every kind of e mountain bikes.

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Electric mountain bikes are a fun and much more convenient way of exploring the mountains. However, finding a good e mountain bike can be tricky. Therefore, the ultimate buying guide for electric MTB, featured in this article will assist you find one conveniently.