Cycling is one of the best ways to enjoy the magnificent views of nature. However, riding an ordinary electric bike over rough terrain can seem like a daunting task.

Are you looking for an electric bike for easy riding in rough terrain? Then a hardtail electric mountain bike may be just what you need! Thanks to its versatility, it enables riders to tackle hills or other rough roads with ease.

So is it worth buying a hardtail electric mountain bike? The answer, of course, is yes. In this article, our goal is to help every electric bike enthusiast choose the best hardtail electric mountain bike for their needs.

What Is Hardtail Electric Mountain Bike

Known for its lighter weight and lower price, the hardtail electric mountain bike is a popular choice for new trail riders. It is an ebike with a rigid rear end. It has a suspension fork on the front wheel only.

Since it has only one suspension system, a hardtail mountain ebike is usually flexible and controllable. The front suspension acts as a shock absorber, minimizing rock impacts and bumps, thus reducing the stress on the rider. Additionally, its front suspension helps improve the rider’s handling and steering on rough mountain roads. So you can easily control your ebike on rough terrain and keep your ride safe.

If you’re new to trail riding, you’ll find these hardtail electric mountain bikes are a great entry point because they’re cheaper and easier to adapt. While they are an excellent choice for a beginner’s first mountain ebike, they are also worth considering for more experienced riders.

Why You Need A Hardtail Mountain Ebike 

Hardtail electric mountain bikes have been around for a long time and are a very efficient mountain ebike. These ebikes are smoother and more comfortable on difficult rough terrain and are favored by many mountain riders. If you’re looking for an electric bike that can effortlessly navigate through rough terrain, then a hardtail electric mountain bike is a great choice. Here are a few reasons why you need a hardtail electric mountain bike.

Sturdy And Durable

Hardtail electric mountain bikes are extremely sturdy and durable. Its rigid frame can handle more violent impacts without damage. With a sturdy frame, you don’t have to worry about hitting the bottom and damaging it. It can withstand more impact, which means fewer parts that can be damaged or worn. Because of its sturdiness and durability, you can spend less time fixing your bike and more time getting out and riding.


Hardtail electric mountain bikes are the best choice for multipurpose activities. It can be used for many different styles of riding and helps you deal with a variety of different terrains. Not only can you ride it in rough terrain, but you can also use it in your city commute. It creates a smooth and comfortable ride for you on a variety of terrain.

For people with limited finances, you don’t need to buy different types of e-bikes to meet your riding needs. A hardtail electric mountain bike can maximize your riding efficiency. With it, you can save money and have fun while enjoying your ride.

Good For Learning

Everyone can benefit from learning to ride a hardtail electric MTB. The reason is that hardtail electric mountain bikes force you to learn proper riding techniques. They make you feel more connected to the trails because they provide more feedback. When riding a hardtail electric mountain bike, you can learn how to deal with obstacles on the road, such as roots and rocks. Once you master a few tricks, it will allow you to ride faster and safer.

Learning the right techniques will only benefit the rider in the long run. The skills learned on a hardtail electric mountain bike are transferable to other electric bikes and help make you a better all-around rider. By starting with a hardtail electric mountain bike, you’ll find it much easier to ride other types of electric bikes in transition.


With a lighter frame and fixed riding position, the hardtail electric mountain bike is the fastest option for less technical terrain. Its construction is so light that you can easily control it on the road. With a lighter frame, less energy is also required to accelerate and maintain speed.

On flatter roads, the hardtail electric mountain bike is by far the more battery efficient electric bike. In addition to being lighter in weight, the ebike has a more direct connection to the ground, which means you don’t lose any power when you pedal. Because of this, hardtail mountain ebikes can help you traverse a variety of different terrains at the fastest possible speed.

How To Choose A Hartail Mountain Ebike

There are many hardtail electric mountain bikes on the market. Different brands of hardtail mountain ebikes differ in their configuration. So, how should we choose the best hardtail electric mountain bike? When choosing a hardtail mountain ebike, we need to consider three important aspects, namely the motor, tires and suspension travel.

Powerful Motor

As the core component of a hardtail electric mountain bike, the motor will have an impact on the performance of the electric bike. Having a powerful motor means it can provide plenty of power for your ride.The motor allows you to accelerate faster than with pedal power alone, so you can ride faster and farther. If you ride a lot on steep hills, the powerful motor will make your ride easier. The power of the motor allows you to climb steep hills with ease, plus you can enjoy fast acceleration when you need it.

Fat Tires

You will notice that some hardtail electric mountain bikes are equipped with fat tires, while others are equipped with thin tires. We recommend choosing a hardtail electric mountain bike with fat tires. The biggest advantage of fat tires is their ability to dampen vibrations, making your ride more comfortable, especially on rough mountain terrain. So while riding, your body won’t feel those bumps and you won’t feel too tired on long rides. The fat tires also provide greater traction and stability, allowing you to easily maintain your balance while riding to keep you riding safe. Besides, fat tires are puncture resistant, which means it is durable and requires little maintenance.

Suspension Travel

Suspension travel is a measurement of how much a wheel can move to absorb bumps. In general, hardtail electric mountain bikes have between 80mm and 100mm of suspension travel. Less suspension travel usually means the ebike is more efficient on climbs and the suspension doesn’t absorb as much pedal power. More suspension travel usually increases traction and confidence when going downhill through rough terrain at high speeds. For a hardtail electric mountain bike, 80mm to 100mm of suspension travel is more than enough to help you absorb the bumps in the road. It can absorb the tremendous impact and smooth out the rough terrain.

Best Hardtail Electric Mountain Bike

Now you have a good understanding of hardtail electric mountain bikes. There are many famous hardtail electric mountain bike brands on the market, and no matter which brand you choose, you can enjoy a pleasant riding experience. If you’re planning on getting yourself a quality hardtail electric mountain bike, the Magicycle Cruiser Pro is a great choice for you.

The ebike is equipped with a reliable shengyi motor, large capacity battery and 26 inch fat tires that provide excellent grip and stability on all types of terrain. Fat tires are an excellent choice for riders looking for excellent traction and grip. It works with the front suspension and you can still enjoy a safety and comfortable ride even on rough terrain. It is also equipped with hydraulic disc brakes that provide strong braking power in any situation.

This hardtail mountain ebike is perfect for anyone looking for a versatile, reliable and comfortable ebike for rough terrain riding. It has all the features you want in a hardtail electric mountain bike, and it’s easy to ride.


Hardtail electric mountain bikes are the best choice for cyclists who love off-road. It’s easier to use when the trip or adventure involves climbing steep hills. It makes climbing easier without losing much energy to climbing. Its suspension system can also help you absorb bumps in the road to provide you with a comfortable riding experience. Therefore, hardtail electric mountain bikes are worth buying.

The team at Magicycle has always been committed to providing riders with a more comfortable riding experience. Now our team has developed an electric bike equipped with an upgraded suspension system. If you want to experience a more comfortable ride, you can look forward to our new products.