With the evolving times, the concept of eco-friendliness has erupted too. Hence, many people are looking for vehicles that offer not only a comfortable ride but help them maintain an ecologically friendly environment that they aspire to leave behind for all those to come.

When thinking about such vehicles, the first thought that might come to your mind is a cycle. However, this option will only tire you down when talking about longer routes. So, what do you do?

Have you ever heard about a full suspension electric mountain bike? Yes, but you weren’t sure whether buying one would be worth it. Then worry not because from eco-friendliness to cost-efficient, we have jotted down all the reasons why buying an electric mountain bike would be worth it.

What is a Full Suspension Electric Mountain Bike?

The world of e-bikes is vast, and while making our way through its search, we are sure you might have come across terms like full suspension or softail at least once or twice. Did you stop to wonder what it meant? 

The softail or full suspension ebikes refer to electric bikes with dual suspension. This means, unlike a casual electric mountain bike with a single or no suspension, this advanced development would have two suspensions – the front suspension fork and rear suspension.

The usage of two suspensions in its developments makes the bike a perfect pick for longer routes and off-road adventures, given the comfort, traction, and control the dual suspensions bring along with them.

However, this isn’t only what the full suspension bike has to it. The many benefits it brings with it to top this ebike in the ebike industry are why many people opt for it. Want to know whether buying an e-bike like this would be worth it or not? The benefits below will answer your questions.

Reasons why Buying a Full Suspension Electric Mountain Bike Would Worth It

If you have been going through some e-bikes online, and the full suspension electric bikes grabbed your attention, you might need reassurance before putting your money on it, right?

If this is the case, you have landed on the right page. Below we have concluded some of the best reasons why buying a full suspension electric mountain bike might be worth it.

1. No more Aching Legs

While similar to regular bikes, electric bikes have an advantage over regular ones. The traditional bikes allow users to pedal themselves continuously without any assistance and hence can sometimes lead to leg cramps or severe aches if continued for longer routes.

The electric bikes would be different. These bikes give users the benefit of cycling and assisting in between, too, given their electric mechanism. Hence, not only can users cover longer distances quickly, but they do not get tired from the continuous pedaling too.

2. Longer Lifespan

No matter how much the cost is, when putting their money out on the table, buyers expect quality products. Hence, when buying a full suspension ebike or planning on getting one, we are sure people would have expectations from not only the bike’s working but its durability too.

This is precisely where a full suspension electric mountain bike would work in your favor and make purchasing worth it. These bikes come with bump resistance, full suspensions, and maximum control, which would make your bike cross even the hardest of terrains with ease. Hence, ensuring that it doesn’t tear down and surpasses all shocks and bumps smoothly.

3. Greater Comfort

Given the name ‘mountain’ bike, it can be naturally assumed that these bad boys are built to be ridden on the hardest of terrains or mountainous regions, right? However, while the bikes have the efficiency to surpass such regions, the question is, can they provide enough comfort to the rider while exceeding such terrains and not leave their body in pain?

The answer is yes! The full suspension ebikes have an intelligent build that ensures a comfortable ride through even the harshest terrains. The unique  shock absorption system reduces any unnecessary strain on the body that might come with the bumps and prevents motion sickness. Moreover, the seats on these bikes are comfortable too.

  • Greater Control

When surpassing dangerous or challenging terrains like mountainous areas, slippery roads, or snow-covered grounds, it is essential to have proper control over your vehicle.

The full suspension electric MTB would help achieve just this. The dual suspension would not only absorb bumps but will improve your control and traction over your bike, which eventually will ensure that no accidental traumas occur.

5. Better for Older Riders

If you are an older rider or have not ridden a bike in a long time, we are sure you’d be hesitant before purchasing one. If this is the case, buying a full suspension would be worth it.

The perfect control that the bike provides not only makes it a safe riding option but provides comfort, ease in riding, stability, and improved traction that beginners desire, all while ensuring that they maintain their line and length quickly too.

Hence, a full suspension one is just for you if you are an older rider out on a hunt to purchase an electric bike.

Where Can You Purchase a Quality Full Suspension Electric Mountain Bike?

Now that you know all the fantastic benefits a full suspension electric mountain bike can provide, the next step is purchasing one for yourself.

Magicycle is one of the best e-bike providers in the industry if you are planning on getting a bike for yourself. The company has been operating for years and manufacturing and providing the best cycles at the best prices. So, whether it is the full suspension or hardtail electric mountain bike you plan on getting or something else, we are sure Magicycle will not disappoint you. 


The full suspension ebikes are in the hype in the current world, and given the many benefits they offer, the hype is well deserved. If you planned on buying an e-bike but weren’t sure if it would be worth it, we hope the article above helped you make your decision.