If there is one aspect regular bicycle riders have switched to in the past years or people who love a good road adventure and the thrill of adrenaline have opted for, it is e-bikes.

The electric mountain bike is an exceptional and in-demand commute when surpassing off-road areas, snowy landscapes, and uneven territories. 

If you love to hop on for some off-road adventures from time to time or are planning one with your friends, choosing an e-bike should be your priority. The article below will help you understand the perks that should be considered when buying an e-bike and why a full suspension electric mountain bike would check all these aspects quickly. Hop on below.

What is full suspension electric mountain bike?

If you have been searching the market for a high-quality electric mountain bike, you might have come across a few with the label ‘FullSus’ written. Did you stop and think about what this meant? If yes, and you still haven’t found the answer – then let us elaborate on it for you.

Many e-bikes have the label ‘FullSus’ written on them, which means ‘Full Suspension.’ The FullSus or softail ebikes refer to the full suspension ebikes considering they have both – a front fork and rear suspension.

The integration of two suspensions makes the bike a perfect option for off-road adventures, given the traction, control, and comfort they bring. If you plan on buying the full suspension electric bike for your off-road adventures but want to look at the benefits it would bring first, then we have you covered in the below section.

Why choosing a full suspension ebike would be a great idea?

Several quality aspects make this ebike category a user favorite and one of the best picks for riding off-road. Some of the best reasons why choosing a full suspension ebike would be a great idea for you are:

1. Greater Comfort

When planning longer adventures, there is one thing that would be a priority for all riders, and that is comfort. Longer trails, especially in snowy or uneven terrains, can be challenging if your ride is not up to the mark in providing comfort.

With the full suspension ebikes, this is one aspect you will not have to worry about!

The bikes have a unique shock absorption system which reduces unnecessary strain on your body and prevents motion sickness. Hence, with a more comfortable seat and a promise not to let your body feel the currents of a bumpy ride, this ebike would be your best option to pick.

2. Greater Control

When surpassing challenging or dangerous terrains like mountainous areas or slippery snow grounds, it is essential to have proper control over your ride to prevent any accidents while on your journey.

The full suspension electric MTB will help you achieve just this. The dual suspension quality not only works as a shock absorber to prevent you from any bump trauma but would ensure no accidental traumas occur too.

This system will improve your control and traction over your bike and ensure that both your tires remain on the ground despite how uneven or challenging the terrain gets.

3. Longer Lifespan

Traditional e-bikes that do not have suspension systems are more prone to shocks from bumps. These are more likely to not let your wheels stay rigidly on the ground when riding on uneven terrains.

This adds up to your e-bikes getting torn down and decreasing their life span quicker than they should. With the bump resistance, full suspension, and maximum control over your bike that comes along with a suspension-induced electric bike, all these criteria are something you should not worry about.

Hence, a full suspension electric bike would ensure that your bike remains unaffected and lasts with you for a long time without unnecessary wear and tears.

4. Better at Cornering

The increased traction of full suspension ebikes would help you tackle the swift corners that come while riding many pathways. Moreover, a more proficient rear suspension would help keep your bike on the ground from the back side, drastically improving your cornering capabilities compared to bikes that do not have a rear suspension.

5. Friendlier Option for Beginners

Beginners often hesitate to take their e-bikes out on longer adventures, given they still haven’t mastered the art of cornering or perfected their line or length. This is why a full suspension ebike would be a perfect option for them.

Full suspension bikes are easier to ride and help riders achieve the perfect comfort, line and length, cornering capabilities, stability, and improved traction they desire. Hence, if you plan on going on an off-road adventure with your friends and haven’t ridden an e-bike before, buying a full suspension e mountain bike for yourself is the best decision you will make.

Where to Buy the Best Full Suspension Electric Mountain Bike?

Now that you know why a full suspension electric mountain bike would be an excellent idea for your off-road adventures, the next step would be finding a place that sells one of these in the best qualities. If you are looking for a great e-bike provider, look no further and hop on to the website of Magicycle.

Magicycle has been in the electric bike manufacturing business since these fantastic rides decided to bestow their presence to the world. Hence, not only has it evolved with the change in times, but it has also made its mechanisms top-notch and perfect.

The company manufactures top-quality full suspension electric mountain bikes that you’d love to check out. Moreover, if you plan on making other picks, then a wide range of electric bikes are also available at Magicycle. So, don’t forget to check that out as well.


The full suspension electric mountain bikes are a great introduction to the e-bike world and one that has proven its many perks. If you plan on buying this e-bike, we hope the above benefits helped make an informed decision.